Reader Reviews

"This book was a thrilling ride! First of all, who knew Richmond Virginia was a hot-bed of supernatural activity? Well, except for said supernatural beings, that is! Stacy, the Jewish chess champion from New York City thought she could handle anything after 9/11 and the bullies of the chess world, but her dad and stepmom have other ideas and moved their family, including her, to what they believed was a safe environment. All Stacy wants to do is graduate high school early and return to her nice, normal life in New York. Fate might have other ideas, though. The characters are great! Stacy, Finder and Tully are full of secrets and discovering them is part of the excitement of this story. She may act tough, but Stacy has a soft spot for her little brother, Steve. Their shared secret (spoiler, so not telling) is a nice twist in the story--and something to look forward to in the next book...which I'm pre-ordering! I love how Stacy has grown and matured by the end of the book, and cannot wait for the next one." ~ Vicki D.

"This was such an exciting read! I was a bit weary of the vampire bit, having grown up in the era of Twilight, but was pleasantly surprised to see how interesting and well-incorporated it was into the plot. Stacy is such an interesting and witty character who really brought the story to life, and I love that her chess-playing actually mattered to the plot. Stacy felt so real, and is someone I would've loved to have as a friend at that age! If you like supernatural elements, sarcastic main characters, and intense fight scenes I would definitely recommend it!" ~ Allison R.