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The Power of Storytelling

What I Offer

The Power of Storytelling is a deep dive conversation between me and your students about HIDDEN CITY and/ or TATTOOED ANGEL. We'll talk about characters and their journeys, the story's themes and background, how and why characters do what they do, and how a novel comes together to create a story that keep readers turning pages and investing in the characters' story.  This goes really well with lessons on story construction, character arcs, and three act novel structure, or any kind of creative writing lesson.  I'm often asked if I'm a "plotter" or "pantser", how I come up with ideas and why I've chosen a Jewish math nerd as my heroine. I promise our conversation will go far beyond those questions! 

My mission is to inspire and motivate your students to recognize their own potential and capability. I share stories of my teenage writing experiences, how I finally wrote my first novel and what I did with it, and how I asked a question at a book signing that led to Neil Gaiman (The Sandman, Good Omens) asking me to write a project with him. (It was kind of a mutual asking- but we'll get to that in your classroom!)

We'll talk about how storytelling is one of the cornerstones of being human- we all need stories- how a career happens from storytelling, and how a single story can change someone's life. 

I am thrilled to be a player in your student's high school game- fill out the information below and you'll hear from me or a member of my team shortly to get you a proposal that works for your  classroom or school.

Here's a short price guideline, so you know what to expect. 

 Single class (or class group) virtual visit : $300 or free with 20 book purchase

Single class  (or class group) in person visit: $500 or free with 25 book purchase

Entire School virtual assembly: $900 or free with 60 book purchase

Entire Day in-person visit (multiple classes, full school assembly, etc): $1500 or free with 100 book purchase


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