“Furlong’s Stacy is a smart, sassy, and strong heroine who I cheered for in this Buffy the Vampire Hunter meets The Queen’s Gambit meets Anne Rice gothic.”

~C.L. Walters, author of The Cantos Chronicles





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J.S. Furlong was interviewed by the Indie Writers Collective! She talks about her experiences getting back into writing later in life, balancing writing and family life, adapting a book for TV, and so much more!


Writers of a Certain Age with C.L. Walters​

J.S. Furlong (Hidden City) and C.L. Walters (The Stories Stars Tell) discussed coming to writing as a second career as well as balancing writing with having a family. Click here to listen to the conversation!




Pre-orders now available for Hidden City in Paperback

If you aren't excited about this, you could be! I'm excited.  If you have never set up a paperback book, it is no easy task and this one is going to be BEAUTIFUL!




The time has come, my darlings.  Sit down, put your feet up, wrap yourself in a cozy blankie and set yourself up with some snacks or tea or Starbucks ice cream and get comfy because I am gonna read this book to you. Whether you like AUDIBLE or iTunes or *gasp* maybe even CDs (stay tuned) we're gonna do this thing!  And remember we're still in the early stages here so whatever platform you use for you audiobooks, please get thee hence after we're done and REVIEW it!

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"I never matured out of loving YA fiction and it’s my favorite thing to read as well as write. The minute the herd was old enough to listen, we read YA. Tamora Pierce probably changed our lives, no joke. My kids are three boys, one girl and I attribute my sons’ collective respect for women not only to the modeling in our home, but to the deep supply of rockin’ female heroines in Pierce’s books. 


What motivates me as a writer/ producer? I know books can affect the way we think, the way we react to drama, stress etc and the way we perceive the world around us. It’s why humans make books into TV shows- trying to bring the power they felt reading the book to the screen. I won’t lie, TV production is where I’m going with all this eventually. If I can make some kind of art that helps even one girl in a stressful or overwhelming situation step outside of herself and notice that what she is experiencing is just a thing happening  in that moment, then Stacy will have done her job."

                                                                                                  ~Excerpt from an Interview with JS Furlong 



Author Chat with Meredith Goldstein

J.S. Furlong (Hidden City) and Meredith Goldstein (Things That Grow) discussed Jewish representation in YA. Both of their novels feature Jewish heroines in a positive, contemporary environment. Click here to listen to the conversation! 


Indie Writers Collective Interview

The Indie Writers Collective featured J.S. Furlong for an interview! Click here to watch the interview and hear more from the author as she discusses Hidden City, writing, and more!


Plan Ahead! Book me to speak at your Event

Not to toot my own horn, but I do kinda kick butt at public speaking. I've done it for homeschool conventions, corporations and enough local groups that you don't want me listing them here. I'm no stand up comedian, (auto correct told me I was no toad when it tried to correct that phrase a sec ago- true story) but I will make sure that if I speak at your event, we get a great message across and have great time doing it.  


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"I really want [readers] to take away 'make a plan, stick to the plan, be ready to change the plan, and keep your mind on the mate.' When that happened, that didn't happen in the first, second, or even third draft. When that finally happened, it really tied the book together for me. And I really want them to take away the idea that it was fun. I respect that a lot of fiction is really literary, but I also respect the fact that I read for pleasure and escapism. I read to relax. I wanted to create a book that, when I hand it to you, you don't have to think. You can really just sit down, read the book, and have a good time, go on a trip, and get somewhere by the end."

                                                                                                  ~Snippet from an Interview with JS Furlong 



Remember that You are Amazing.

There isn't a button for you to click for this one. You'll just have to push your own awesomeness button and take it from there. Seriously though, I absolutely believe in you and I can tell you with absolutely certianty that everything you think is a whopping, boot-licking failure right now is going to turn into magic for you later. It might be a long time later (for me it was, like, thirty years,) but all that muck really does pay off. And if you already know you are an astonishing miracle of the universe moving through time and space to deliver miracles to humanity, good for you and may you always dance in your star shine. It's okay to give up now and then, it's okay to lie on the floor and sob and be like "why is this happening?" Just know that when you get up, you are in fact amazing. The world needs you and the thing you do like frogs need water. Like sushi needs seaweed. Like the sky needs blue. You are no optical illusion though, you are a force of nature. You ARE. Come to a book signing and meet me because I want to know all the awesome people. You are one.

Finding Your Voice Workshop ​

J.S. Furlong will be presenting a workshop on finding your voice at the Rappahannock Regional Library Writer's Conference! It'll be taking place on November 6, 2021. For more information, check out the Central Rappahannock Regional Library website here.