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 Meredith Karzinsky is like any New York City 12-year-old; smart, resourceful, creative, and ready for adventure. Whether it’s a bike ride in Central Park, or a walk down the street for ice cream or bagels, Meredith is all-in. When Meredith’s class endures the worst museum field trip ever, art and artifact-loving Meredith decides to become a tour guide herself. When taking matters into her own hands spirals into a series of not always good surprises, Meredith and her best friend find themselves careening into an unexpected adventure.

Meredith at The Met, signed paperback first printing!

  • Great for advanced 2–3rd grade independent readers, typical 4-5th grade readers and any reader who craves humor and intelligence in their adventures! Book includes a Discover More section highlighting advanced vocabulary and real life locations, fun facts, and cultural references.

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