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Mrs. Cheesely loves cheese! What will happen when her neighbor invites her to make cheese at home? Will the impatient Mrs. Cheesely be able to wait 'til it's done?

Ideal read aloud Pre K- Grade 3

Featuring orginial watercolor art work, Mrs. Cheesely Loves Cheese teaches the basic science of cheesmaking in a sweet story about friendship and cooperation.

INTRODUCING THE APPLE! When you see the apple by a title, it means that book is recommended by teachers for classroom read-alouds and teaching. Books listed as read-alouds can be comfortably read to typical students below grade levels listed and given an independent reads to some learners above recommended grades.

Meredith at The Met

Grades 2-5

How far would YOU go to make your dream come true? Meredith Karzinsky is like any New York City twelve-year-old; smart, resourceful, creative and ready for adventure.Whether it's a bike ride in Central park, or a walk down the street for ice cream or bagels, Merdith is all-in. When Meredith's class endures the worst museum field trip, art and artifiact loving Meredith decides to become a tour guide herself. When taking matters into her own hands spirals into a series of not-always-good suprises, Meredith and her best friend find themselves careening into an unexpected adventure . . .

Young Adult Titles

Tattooed Angel 

"Supernatural scares abound in this suspenseful coming-of-age tale."
                                                    ~ Kirkus Reviews

Order a signed hardcover or paperback here!

Also available in ebook. 
TA hardcover mock up by jen.png

Teenaged chess champion Stacy Goldman has a vampire problem. While fighting to prove monsters didn't exist, Stacy stumbled into the dangerous heart of Richmond's secret, supernatural subculture. Now, she's a target. On top of that, her science fair partner has a secret that could cost them not only the win, but thier lives . . . Welcome to the middle game. The middle game is where the layers are. The middle game is what gets you killed.

The Unimaginables Book 2

Audiobook read by the author.
Coming Summer 2024




The Unimaginables, Book 1

“An exciting and compulsively readable work about a teen’s empowerment.”                                                                                        ~Kirkus Reviews

“An exciting new story world with hidden depths.”                                                     ~Jay Bushman

                        Emmy winning author of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries



Stacy Goldman is your garden-variety Jewish girl from New York. Except she's a chess champion. And believes in nothing she can't prove. Especially vampires. 


Fans of Supernatural, The Queen's Gambit and old school Buffy: The Vampire Slayer will love Hidden City. This addictive modern fantasy is thought-provoking and entertaining. The cast of diverse, honest characters bring coming of age heart to supernatural action and surprise packed adventure. Readers say Hidden City satisfies and "totally delivers!" A suspenseful dip into the supernatural world underlying the reality we see every day, Hidden City's fresh clear voice is both compelling and page-turning.


“Vividly written and a total delight!”~ Carolyn K.


Fall Book Fest Winner

Hidden City  won first place in the Fall 2022 BookFest Awards for YA Action and Adventure! Read more about it here.

NIEA Finalist

Hidden City  was announced as a finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards! Read more about the award here.

So freaking fun!~ Ariel F.     


A delightful distraction.~ Deb H. 

Refreshing and totally engrossing! Eric T.   


As an adult, I was hooked!~Annie C.


Empowering for teenagers! ~Char F. 


A great protagonist I can relate to! ~Celeste G.


I look forward to the next book in the series. ~Eve M.


The characters make you wish you were friends with them. ~Amazon reader


Not your typical teenage vampire book. I couldn't put it down! ~Jenny J. 

An engaging, fast-paced, fun read.  As a parent and high school teacher, I recommend this book! ~ Brian H. 



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